The art of Compassion : Empathy hurts,Compassion heals.

Compassion hurts. Doesn’t it? It’s like you feel connected to everything and every person around you and also feel responsible for everything happening around you. Whether its your own life or others,whether its your own personal decision or a decision you will take for someone else around you and then comes a point where you just cannot turn around.
If we take it in other context cant we just say that our destiny is bound with the destinies of others?

One must either learn to carry the Universe or just be crushed by it. There is no other way one can find to get rid of this. Today’s world is so fast that you need to either grow with or fall aside if you are not speedy enough to catch up with them.It’s never going to be like that one day you wake up and you are like ” Wait,what did just happen ?Is it the same world I used to live yesterday or am I somewhere just left behind?” These questions come up when you are competing not with the world,but yourself. One tends to ignore the fact that everything in this life is not about competition,it’s about growing as an individual so that you can match step to step with others.

Whatever you want to achieve,lies in your destiny. Destiny is truly our character and that character can be altered. All you need to do is work on your actions. The knowledge that we are responsible for our actions,what we do and aim to do and our attitudes does not need to be discouraging,because it also means that we are free to change this destiny. When your compassion changes into competition,it does nothing but spoil your actions. All the negativity or actually or actions can be altered if we have the courage to examine how it formed us. We can alter the chemistry provided we have the courage to dissect the elements. It’s all about the winds of destiny that can either blow to help you rise or vice-versa when you least expect them. Sometimes they gust with a fury of hurricane,sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied,bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore.

The conclusion to this is,you must grow strong enough to love the world,yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. Be compassionate but make sure that compassion doesn’t turn into competition one day and spoils every bit of you because we find the meaning of life with one another not just us alone.


Don’t be a prisoner of your own life

Sometime things come to you,but you Ignore them, It maybe you didn’t want them in the first place or they were the only things you wanted since the Beginning but by the time they came to you,you had already lost the hope and must have moved on in life.

Today we talk about the mental gap and dreams of every person,whether it is a child,a teenager or an adult.Everyone creates an Imaginary world in their mind which they feel is going to come true one day and they’ll turn out to be the hero in the future.A child thinks that one day he will play like Sachin tendulkar or will get fame like him or be a scientist like Aryabhatta. A teenager thinks that if he is the most ‘coolest person’ among his peer,and if he gets popular that way the world is also going to recognize him/her the same way later. An adult thinks of becoming rich day by day or aspires to be rich ,why can’t he be rich like Mukhesh Ambani or why can’t he be the next Bill gates or earn a name for himself in the IT sector? The problem is not with the people or what they want to become.the problem lies actually in their process of thinking.

Yes,surprised to hear that? But reality actually lies in the root of thinking.Where thinking starts the actual problem starts as well.Whether it is a child,a teenager or an adult.Why are they only thinking of becoming someone who is popular or who is famous in the society.Why do they only want to become some ‘other’person in life.Why can’t they think that everyone is unique and everyone has a particular spark in them.If they can encourage their  own talent who can stop them from being successful.The problem is that every Individual is forced to become someone or the other.People who force them can be sometimes their parents or an icon that they slightly look up to in their Imaginary world.Not every person imagines in this way. Instead,those whop encourage them to imagine in this manner create basic problem for today’s generation.

Today’s world or generation have locked themselves in a prison from which they are not likely to come out.When opportunities come to them they neither like to use them nor they want to encourage themselves to avail these opportunities.They just want to hide themselves in that prison and want to live a lifestyle that can’t be appreciated anyway on this road of life.Everyone needs to understand that there is need of self discovery for getting the best in life and realizing that getting fame is not the only thing in life.Getting popular is good but only for those who can handle it and take it in a positive way.Being confident and simple should be considered as a priority in life and not getting carried away with popular-ism and things that harmlessly affect the future.

The conclusion to this is that come out of the thoughts,imaginations and other things that will stop you from discovering your own Identity.Getting to know who you are yourself is the best outcome in life,set examples for those who have lost them in the boulevard of past glories.Nobody but yourself can escape this circle.The way of doing this is by involving yourself in activities which keep you busy,socially active and connected with the society in a positive way.Don’t live in a prison of your own making.Come out of the prison and discover the real tough life with every possible and positive aspect.

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