Your Reality doesn’t mean : Escapism

REALITY afraid of this word? Well,reality is which when you stop believing in it,doesn’t go away. People are afraid of themselves,of their own identity and most importantly of their feelings. Yes,feelings are something which expose you to the world differently.People talk about how great love is,but isn’t that bullshit? There is no second thought to the phrase that ” Love brings out those hidden feelings,which you want to hide ” but to consider it the greatest existence of all is too much of one’s faith towards it.

Love hurts.Feelings are disturbing.People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous.How can they deal with love when they are afraid to feel ? Pain is meant to wake us up,to give us a better understanding which allows you to grow and have a deeper meaning in understanding the basic roots of life. People try to hide their pain.But they are wrong.Pain is something to carry just like one carry’s radio to listen to music and be distracted from the daily experiences. You feel strength in the experience of pain.It’s all in how you carry it.You can be that person in the room who is growing from the experiences of daily routine and at the same time you can be that person who just wants to hide from the world.It depends on you whether you want to be the wiser one or the one who just fails to learn because you just want to FAIL to understand yourself.That’s what matters.Pain is a feeling it is a part of you. Your feelings are a part of you,they are your own reality.

If you feel ashamed of them or you are stopping yourself to grow because you don’t want to expose your feelings then you are just letting society destroy your reality.You should stand up for your right to feel your pain and allow yourself to come out of your comfort zone,because the society is too mean to take you out from your own den and expose every little thing about you. One should always remember that there is only one person in this world who can stand for Oneself and that is your own soul. You hide,your reality fails your existence fails.

It’s time to put an end on this.Learn to stand up and give yourself a word that nothing and nobody can destroy you,you are not afraid of anything. No judgement’s and no actions of others can stop you to reveal the best and purest form of you.You are here today because of a purpose that will allow you to match footprints with the world.Step out and grow because nothing ever becomes real “till it is experienced”.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance,because you are beautiful.


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